Boiler Cover & Repair

Our experienced gas engineers carry out boiler cover, repair & service in the Wirral and Liverpool area. Call 0330 135 5984 today!

New Boiler Quotation

Install a new A-rated boiler and controls and you could save up to £340 on your annual heating bill.

Carbon monoxide kills around thirty people each year in the United Kingdom. Most of these deaths would have been avoided if regular boiler maintenance had have been completed at the properties concerned. Don’t risk your family’s life by avoiding regular boiler maintenance.

When you choose Home Care Heating our Gas Safe qualified engineer travels to your property and carries out a thorough boiler service. You are likely totally unaware of boiler problems until it is too late. Ensure your family are safe this winter by opting for our boiler cover service. Call today on 0330 135 5984 to get a boiler repair.

What Our Annual Boiler Service Includes

During boiler maintenance our engineer carries out a multitude of tests to ensure your boiler is safe and in fully working condition.

Tests our engineer carries out on your boiler typically include:

  • Checking your boiler’s gas pressure
  • A flue test to ensure your boiler is not leaking carbon monoxide
  • Flame testing. A red or orange flame indicates a problem
  • Cleaning your boiler’s condense trap since this builds up grime over the year since you boiler was last serviced

We recommend you receive boiler maintenance at least once a year. Boiler servicing is a preventative measure and helps avoid expensive emergency call-out rates or the need of a boiler replacement.

As luck has it, a boiler in need of a service is likely to breakdown during the most inconvenient of times, often in the middle of winter when you have guests! Going without hot water and heating during the depths of winter is usually enough to convince anyone of the need for annual boiler servicing.

Annual servicing also means you boiler runs more efficiently. In turn you save money on your central heating and hot water bills. A boiler in need of servicing may also be leaking carbon monoxide, thus posing an immediate threat to the lives of your family. Carbon monoxide leakage is easily detected and then corrected during boiler servicing. Our engineer will also ensure your carbon monoxide detectors are all in working order.

Emergency Boiler Repair

Even if you have you taken out annual boiler maintenance things can still go wrong. Your boiler is likely to fail at precisely the most inconvenient moment you could possibly imagine. For this reason at Home Care Heating we provide an emergency boiler repair service you can rely on. Our engineers are scattered across the North West region waiting for your call for help!

We provide a swift response for each emergency call we receive. Our engineers are usually available to inspect your boiler within approximately five hours following your initial call. Our emergency boiler repair service is available 24/7. Our engineer swiftly resolves the problem you are experiencing with your boiler so you are able to continue using hot water and central heating.

Types of Boiler We Cover

Our engineers are familiar with all boiler types including:

  • Condensing boilers
  • Conventional boilers
  • Combination (combi) boilers
  • Heat-only boilers
  • System boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Biomass boilers

For more information on the types of boiler we service, get in touch with us today. We also offer boiler installations if this is required after your boiler service.