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Install a new A-rated boiler and controls and you could save up to £340 on your annual heating bill.

Home Care Heating provides personalised boiler installations, replacement, and servicing to ensure your home is kept warm all winter.

Our prices are competitive, with two models to choose from, standard or premium, ranging from £1,400 to £2,200, depending on your package.

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When to Consider a New Boiler

It could be time to consider installing a new boiler if your current one proves to be less efficient and is more than 15 years old.

Other signs that you need a new boiler are if the pilot light keeps going off, it is making banging or gurgling noises, or it is no longer responding to the thermostat.

If small problems with your boiler are ignored, they can result in your boiler leaking and the need for emergency call-outs which can be expensive. If your boiler shows some of the listed signs above, a new boiler is necessary, and our expert engineers can help you fit a boiler in Birkenhead today.

A new boiler will give you greater power, efficiency, and the settling thought your family is safe and warm. Learn more about our boiler replacements by phoning 0330 135 5984.

Boiler Replacements Birkenhead

There are many reason as to why you may need your existing boiler replacing in Birkenhead. We help people replace old and faulty boilers, this can not only help save money through energy efficencies but also ensure your new boiler is safe. You dont want to spend time worrying about your boiler if it is leaking gas, a potentially very serious hazard.

We would urge you to look for the following signs when consider the following if you are thinking about a boiler replacement:

Age of the Boiler

Boilers have a typical lifespan of 10-15 years. After this period, they can become less efficient, resulting in higher energy bills. If your boiler is approaching or has exceeded this age, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Breakdown Frequency

If you find yourself constantly needing to repair your boiler or if certain parts are hard to come by, it might be more cost-effective in the long run to replace it rather than continually fixing it.

Increased Energy Bills

An old or faulty boiler can consume more fuel than necessary. This inefficiency will be reflected in rising energy bills.

Replacing your old boiler with a new, more efficient model can help save you money in the long run.

Unusual Noises

If your boiler starts making unusual noises, like banging or clunking, it may indicate a serious internal problem, potentially warranting a replacement. It can be quite a scary experience if your boiler is making noises and it should be looked at immediately for your peace of mind. Faulty boilers can be extremely dangerous no chances should be taken.

Inconsistent Heating

If your radiators are not heating up evenly or your hot water supply is inconsistent, the boiler might be the culprit. A new boiler can provide consistent heat and hot water.

Safety Concerns

Old or malfunctioning boilers can pose safety risks, including carbon monoxide leaks. It’s essential to replace any boiler that may pose a safety threat to you and your family.

Upgrading to a More Efficient Model

Even if your boiler is still working, you might want to upgrade to a more efficient model. Newer boilers can be more than 90% efficient, meaning they waste very little energy. This not only reduces energy bills but is also better for the environment.Home Expansion

If you’ve added more rooms or extended your home, your existing boiler might not be sufficient to heat the larger space. In this case, you’ll need to upgrade to a boiler with a higher capacity.

Discontinued Parts

As boilers age, their parts can become discontinued, making repairs difficult or impossible. In such cases, replacing the boiler becomes the only option.

Water Leaks

Persistent water leaks can damage the boiler and the surrounding area. If the leaks are due to a corroded or damaged boiler, replacement is often the best solution.

Modern Features

New boilers come with modern features like smart thermostat compatibility, which allows for more precise temperature control and can be operated remotely. If you wish to take advantage of these features, you might consider replacing your old boiler.

Benefits of a New Boiler

New boilers have many advantages over the old one you may currently have. Firstly, getting a new boiler will heat your home quickly and efficiently. This is due to new boilers being ‘condensing’; the boiler takes exhaust flue gas and uses it to heat the water.

The efficiency new boilers provide mean reduced energy bills with savings up to £350. Additionally, new boilers reduce carbon dioxide output by up to 1.5kg annually.

Secondly, boiler installations with Home Care Heating’s standard package provides up to 2 years warranty, giving you peace of mind if anything were to go wrong with your new boiler, it is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Finally, aesthetically a new boiler can be beneficial due to the sizes of the newer boilers. They are more compact and made of better materials therefore, they can be hidden easier behind kitchen cupboards or even free space up, which could be useful for homeowners/renters.

Moreover, a new boiler will make your home more attractive if you were to sell; the energy efficiency rating will increase, which can increase the chance of a sale.

What to Expect from Us

Before any work is carried out, we offer a pre-installation survey. This would be to find out your boiler needs, locate the boiler and workspace, and pre-empt any problems that might occur, i.e., pipes under floorboards.

Our engineer(s) will walk you through the steps they will take to replace your boiler and secure your quote for the job. Pre-installation surveys are a great way for our team to help you understand what will happen.

Once you are happy with the initial discussion and steps, our friendly engineer(s) will book your boiler installation. These days and times are guaranteed and will commence within 5 working days.

Boiler installation can take up to 7 hours. However, this depends on the work, i.e. if the new boiler is a like-for-like replacement, this is a much simpler installation compared to a completely different boiler or if you want to hot water cylinder removed.

During the installation, the engineer may adjust pipework and, once complete, will run a simple chemical flush or a power flush to clean the system. This will minimalise heat loss and ensure your system will work more efficiently.

How to Ensure Your Boiler Stays Efficient and Safe

You can take various simple steps to ensure your boiler runs efficiently. Below we have listed some of the actions you can take to keep your boiler ticking over:

  •  Get Your Boiler Serviced Yearly

We offer servicing packages at additional cost to ensure your system is working efficiently and to scope out any problems or potential future problems.

  •  Bleed Your Radiators

This is a simple task to ensure your radiators are working properly. Turn on your heating and check if any radiators take longer to heat up or have cold spots. These can be indicators you need to bleed your heating system.

  • Top-Up the Pressure

Check your pressure gauge regularly to ensure your boiler is working effectively. Ask an engineer what pressure you should keep the boiler to ensure it works correctly.

  • Turn Your Heating on During the Summer

Although this may sound like the worst thing to do during the summer, this is extremely beneficial to prohibit breakdowns and negate costly fixes. Switching your heating on for 15 minutes once a week can keep your boiler in shape for winter.

Quality Boiler Brands we install

At Home Care Heating Ltd we insist on supplying only the best brands of boiler. Below we’ve listed some of the boiler brands we install:

  • Ideal
  • Worcester
  • Vokera
  • Glow Worm
  • Baxi
  • Vaillant-Heatline

Standard Boiler Package

At Home Care Heating Ltd we pride ourselves on providing standard competitive packages. A standard boiler package includes:

  • Removal of your existing boiler
  • Responsible disposal of old components
  • A corrosion inhibitor to help protect your system
  • Installation of a condensate pipe
  • Up to 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

Premium Boiler Package

Our premium boiler installation package includes:

  • Removal of your existing boiler
  • Responsible disposal of old components
  • A corrosion inhibitor to help protect your system
  • Installation of a condensate pipe
  • Up to 5 years’ manufacturer’s warranty
  • A power flush of your central heating system
  • Thermostatic radiator valves fitted in your rooms
  • A programmable room thermostat

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