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Install a new A-rated boiler and controls and you could save up to £340 on your annual heating bill.

Do you live in Liverpool and having issues with your boiler? We offer quality boiler installations in Liverpool, performed by qualified engineers that get the job done safely and properly. Our boiler installations are at competitive prices, saving you money on the latest in energy-efficient boilers and saving you money on your energy bills. Our professional Liverpool-based engineers visit your home, service your boiler to find out the issue and are able to install a new brand new boiler with minimal disruption.

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Why Choose Home Care Heating?

  • Friendly and Local Boiler Installers in Liverpool
  • Gas Safe, Qualified Installation Engineers
  • A-Rated, Energy-Efficient Boilers from Top Manufacturers
  • Warranty Availability

    Professional Boiler Replacements in Liverpool

    Now more than ever, energy bills are at their highest in years so it’s important to get the most out of your household boiler.

    If your boiler is more than 15 years old and is running inefficiently,  it could be costing your household hundreds of pounds each month on energy bills. Replacing your old boiler, with an efficient boiler system, can save you unnecessary energy costs while you warm up your home, and help you get the most out of your heating (especially during the Winter months). The Energy Savings Trust has estimated that installing a new boiler could help save the average household £340 a year on their gas bill!

    We offer a range of boiler systems to replace your old boiler so you can cut back on your energy bills, including combi boilers and system boilers. When our licensed and experienced engineers visit your home, they will be able to assess the condition of your current boiler and recommend the best type of boiler for your household.

    We supply and install boiler systems from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the UK, including Baxi Boilers, Ideal, Glow Worm and Vaillant, to ensure that you get the most out of your boilers for years to come.

    Gas Safe and Qualified Engineers

    Safety is paramount at Home Care Heating, and we ensure to provide quality and safe boiler installations for all homes that we visit across Liverpool and the Merseyside region.

    Our team of highly skilled installation engineers are gas-safe registered and fully qualified to carry out a complete high quality, and reliable installation of your new boiler with minimal disruption.

    When they visit your home, they will complete a survey of your old boiler to ensure that it is safe to carry out any procedure before getting to work. They will treat the installation with care for your home and aim to get the job done safely, and quickly as possible. If you have any questions about our installation process, don’t hesitate to call us on 0151 203 3771.

    Contact us today to arrange for a local engineer to service your home for free before carrying out a boiler replacement.

    What Boiler Is Best For Your Home?

    The best boiler for you depends on the needs for your home, whether what you want the purpose of your boiler to serve or what type of gas/fuel you want to use for your boiler. When our professional engineers visit your home, they will recommend the best system for your home and make sure you get the most out of your boiler. Here are some of the boilers that we offer:

    A Combi Boiler

    This is a type of boiler that provides both heating and hot water. It is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized homes as it doesn’t require a separate water tank.

    A Heat-only/Conventional Boiler

    This is a type of boiler that just provides heating. It is a more traditional option and is typically used in larger homes. It does require a separate water tank.

    A System Boiler

    This is a type of boiler that provides both heating and hot water, but with a smaller footprint than a combi boiler. It is ideal for medium to large-sized homes.

    Call for a Quote on 0151 203 3771

    An engineer is available to survey your home before installing a boiler. For any questions or to book a boiler installation or replacement today, get in touch with us.


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    The Benefits of Having a New Boiler Installed In Your Home

    Replacing your current boiler with a new one will incur short term costs, for the system itself and installation, which can be off-putting (especially at the moment with the cost of living crisis). However, the long-term costs of an old, inefficient boiler system can result in energy wastage, and rising energy bills each month.

    A boiler repair service is an option if your boiler is not working, however these repair costs can add up and be more costly for you over time.

    Investing in a brand new boiler is much more energy-efficient every time that you switch on the heating or hot water, meaning that you get better value for your money, your home warms up quicker and you are guaranteed to save money over time that you can spend elsewhere.

    The boilers that we offer have a large lifespan and are extremely reliable, meaning that you are highly unlikely to require any future repairs and face any annoying additional costs.


    How Does a Boiler Installation Work?

    Our professional gas and heating engineers ensure that all of our installations are as safe and efficient as possible when we visit your home. All of our procedures are in place with our customers in mind, and ensure that the job is done right first time! When we visit our home, our process is:

    1. Consultation

    As soon as we hear from you, we’ll provide you with a free consultation over the phone to talk about the best boiler system for your home by discussing any requirements you need including budget and what you want from a new boiler.

    Following our consultation, we will arrange a convenient time that is best to visit your home.

    2. Home Survey and Installation

    Our professional engineers will visit your home and conduct a thorough survey to ensure that everything is in working order.

    Once the survey is complete, they will install your new boiler with minimal disruption throughout the day and getting the job done properly. All of our boiler installations are completed.

    3. Testing and Safety Certification

    Following the boiler installation, we will conduct thorough testing and certification to meet all safety requirements.

    Once the job is done, we will provide you with certification to show our safety procedures and compliance with safety regulations.

    Contact Us For a Free Initial Survey

    If you are worried about your boiler and want advice from an expert, or want to find out if you can relocate your boiler then we can help. Call us on 0151 203 3771 and we’ll organise a free survey of your home, no strings attached.


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    Boiler Repairs in Liverpool

    Do you have a relatively new boiler that is having issues? As well as boiler installations, we offer a one off and emergency boiler repair service in Liverpool where one of our local engineers will be able to save the day, without the need for a brand new boiler installation.

    Our professional engineers are able to visit your home, survey your boiler to find any issues with your boiler and restore it back to working condition.

    Annual Boiler Service

    As well as a one off boiler installation, we offer an annual boiler service for customers, which consists of an engineer carrying out a number of tests to ensure that your boiler is safe and running efficiently.

    Find out more about our annual boiler service on our page.

    If you require a boiler repair in Liverpool then contact us on 0151 203 3771 and a local engineer will visit your home at a convenient time for you.

    Call us on 0151 203 3771 to find a qualified boiler specialist in your area.

    Our Latest Reviews

    See some of our latest reviews from clients across the North West!

    • M

      Mike Watkins

      5 stars
      Fantastic. 5 star service. Highly recommend
    • C

      Callum Morley

      5 stars
      Great service from start to finish. Quick and efficient installation of my new boiler. Thanks again
    • O

      Olivia Calverley

      5 stars
      Really pleased with this service. Helped fix my Gran’s leaking boiler quickly and was a really nice guy
    • S

      Sam Rutter

      5 stars
      Booked in to have an annual service done on our boiler, everything went perfectly. Will definitely be booking in again next year!
    • C

      Ciara Edmondson

      5 stars
      Had an absolute nightmare with our boiling breaking down. The guys were incredible, identified the issue and quickly fixed it. Fairly priced and a super quick service – highly recommend 👍
    • M

      Mark Ainsworth

      5 stars
      Booked in to have an annual service done on our boiler, everything went perfectly. Will definitely be booking in again next year!
    • O

      Oliver Blackburn

      5 stars
      Good service, will be recommending to friends and family.
    • M

      Max Ashton

      5 stars
      I was struggling to find someone to do a quick turnaround on a new boiler. Home Care Heating said they could do it in time, and they did!
    • B

      Brandon Green

      5 stars
      I needed an emergency boiler repair and they pulled through, can’t thank them enough.
    • E

      Eloise Bates

      5 stars
      I just had a new boiler fitted and I couldn’t recommend the team at Home Care Heating enough. Very professional and tidy!

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    How Much Does a Boiler Installation Cost?

    The cost of a boiler installation can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and type of new boiler being installed, whether you want your boiler relocating somewhere else in your home and any pipework issues that may mean the job takes longer.

    During your initial consultation, we will be able to provide you with a rough estimate quote of all installation costs so you are able to suit your budget requirements and there are no hidden additional costs after the job is completed.


    How Long Does a Boiler Installation Take?

    A standard boiler installation should take no longer than 1 day for our engineers to replace your old boiler and replace it with a new boiler.

    However, there are consideration that mean it may take longer than a day, such as the size and type of boiler being installed, if you want your boiler relocated to another part of your home, or if you want a brand new boiler system; for example, if you are switching from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler.

    During your consultation, we will be able to provide you with a rough estimate of how long it will take to install your new boiler.

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