When do You Need a New Boiler? A Guide to Having your Gas Boiler Replaced

We know that boiler replacements can be stressful, but they don't have to be. Read our full guide to having your gas boiler replaced from start to finish.

When do You Need a New Boiler?

Some of the main reasons that would suggest it is time for a gas boiler replacement include:

  • Your boiler has broken down and the parts required are obsolete
  • Following an annual gas service your boiler has been condemned
  • The boiler replacement is part of other refurbishment works which you may be doing
  • You want to save money on your fuel bills
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Step 1: The Installation Survey

During the survey you will need to give the surveyor access to all rooms in your property, including the gas meter and loft space (if you have a loft) so a full survey can be carried out.

During this survey, we will come to a conclusion of the following:

  • The agreed location of the new boiler
  • The agreed location of new radiators (if required)
  • The agreed location and routes of new pipe work (if required)
  • If any floor coverings that may be need to be lifted
  • The make and type of boiler being installed
  • The need for asbestos survey
  • How long the works will take
  • If any of your personal possessions to be cleared or moved to allow access before the boiler replacement

Step 2: Preparing for a New boiler Installation

There are some things that you need to do to prior to installation to make the process a little more streamline, these include:

During a boiler installation your floor coverings may need to be lifted to access work below floorboards and we will advise you of this during our installation survey. Our engineers can lift flooring; however this will be done at your own risk so it is up to your own discretion if you would like to do this yourself prior to the boiler installation. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer to confirm you are happy for the heating installer to lift and relay your flooring or if you prefer, you can employ your own flooring specialist to lift and relay the flooring for you.

Boxing in
Our Engineers may need to expose pipe work which is boxed in; they will expose the pipe work with causing the minimal of damage and reinstate the boxing in as best as possible. Paintwork may be cracked and damaged during this process so take care if you’re doing this yourself.

Wall Tiles
If a tile is cracked or damaged due to the heating works, it will be the responsibility of the homeowner to replace/repair these tiles.

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Sometimes when your old boiler is removed and a new boiler is installed this will show an area not previously decorated. Matching in the paint-work to this area will be your responsibility. Where our engineers have made holes, removed vents or pipes, the affected area will be filled, plastered and sanded ready for decorating. If a boiler is fitted in the same position as the previous boiler but there is a difference in the unit’s size, the installer is only responsible for filling in the holes.

Kitchen Units
It may be necessary to move a kitchen unit to allow enough space for the new boiler. The contractor will try to re-site this unit if this is possible, however our engineers will discuss this with you during the installation survey.

Airing Cupboards
Where we remove redundant water cylinders from airing cupboards because we are installing a combination boiler, our engineers will remove the redundant pipe work and carry out the making good to the walls and ceiling.

Step 3: The Day of your New boiler Installation

Once the prep is done, your assigned engineer will come and safely install your new boiler. Here are some factors to consider on the day:

Existing Gas System

Our Gas Engineer prior to disconnecting the existing system will carry out a Gas Safety Check of the existing pipe work and any existing appliances. The findings of this may discover existing appliances such as gas fires, cookers etc. may be condemned by the gas engineer due to safety. Additional works may be required which may incur additional costs. Our Gas Engineer will explain the findings with you prior to commencing with the other works.

Temporary Heating
During the works temporary electrical heaters can be supplied if required. Our Engineer will provide these on the day.

Your Safety
Your health and safety is of paramount importance to us, so please take extra care when operatives are working in and around your home. Any safety issues will be discussed with you during the initial installation survey.

It is important to keep your children away from work areas. Please do not let children play within or close to the working area, the operative’s equipment, materials, tools and rubbish. We will not work in your home where there are children under the age of 16 unsupervised.

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Step 3: The Day of your New boiler Installation

Once the prep is done, your assigned engineer will come and safely install your new boiler. Here are some factors to consider on the day:

Please keep your pets away from the working area, the operative’s equipment, materials, tools and rubbish and keep them secure when the works are being carried out.

Code of Conduct
Our engineer’s staff will be polite, co-operative and helpful to you at all times. Our engineer’s will wear clearly visible identification badges and company uniforms. They will not be allowed to play radios or smoke whilst working in your home. Our engineers will only use your facilities after permission is provided by yourselves.

If you have to run errands whilst the operatives are working in your home or you are unable to be present whilst these works are taking place, you need to leave the operatives with keys. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer to say that you are happy to leave the operatives in your home without you being present and you are happy to provide them with keys.

Associated Works
Our Engineers will aim to have the new boiler installed and commissioned in one day, this is subject to the works involved and will be discussed at survey stage. Any making good and electrical works will be carried out on the next working day.

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Step 3: The New Boiler Installation is Complete! What’s next?

The hard work is done and you can enjoy the smooth running of your brand new boiler. Don’t forget to keep hold of important documents, find out below what to keep safe.


Once the new boiler has been installed, our engineer will show you how to use the new system, which will include how to programme the boiler. You will be given a copy of the user instructions. You will be asked to sign a Landlord’s Gas Safety Record and you will be given a copy of this to confirm the new system has been tested and is satisfactory.

Satisfaction Questionnaire

You may be asked to complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire either on a handheld device, postal form or a telephone survey. We will use this to monitor our engineer’s performance.

Handover Documents

  • Once all works are complete the following documents will be supplied for your records
  •  User Manuals
  • Gas Safety Record
  • Boiler Benchmark – Gas Boiler Commission Checklist
  • Electrical Minor Works Certificate (if required)
  • Warranty Information & Requirements
  • Building Control Notification of Works

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