Back Heat Saving Advice this Winter

In this post we outline advice to ensure your home stays warm this winter. It’s the time of year we’re sure you’re not looking forward as temperatures are set to fall below zero. Studies reveal the UK’s homes are the most inefficient in Europe. For instance, Sweden’s average house use less fuel per household than do the UK’s despite the former experiencing far colder temperatures.

Without further ado we now outline tips to keep your home warm this coming winter:


Tip 1: Windows

Whilst the sun might not seem like it’s up to much, UV rays are still able to penetrate cloud cover and warm up your home… FOR FREE!

Take advantage of the sun’s natural ability to heat up your home by opening your curtains during the day.

This tip is particularly relevant for curtains facing south, since these entry-points experience the most amount of sun light during the day.

You’ll appreciate the extra heat when you arrive home from work on a cold winter’s night.

Likewise, don’t forget to close curtains during the night to ensure heat you’ve accumulated during the day does not escape.

Our last window-related tip is to ensure all windows are correctly sealed. Poorly sealed windows is a common cause of heat loss.

Tip 2: Radiators

One easy way to improve radiator efficiency is to give each radiator a thorough dusting. Also ensure you’re radiators are bled. This involves unscrewing the radiator’s valve until all trapped air is released. Trapped air prevents water filling your radiators and thus decreases their efficiency.

Also ensure you do not cover radiators with drying laundry. Radiant heat works by circulating around your rooms. Laundry will block this flow of heat meaning your rooms do not heat up correctly.

Likewise turn radiators off for rooms you infrequently visit.

Tip 3: Boiler

One simple way of improving your home’s energy efficiency is to upgrade to a newer and more efficient boiler. For most Wirral and Liverpool homes we recommend one of our 95% efficient combi-boilers.

Also set your boiler’s water thermostat to 48C. This is hot enough for washing. Anything above this temperature means you’re heating water up too much. You will likely add cold water to over-heated water. This means you’re wasting water and fuel.

Tip 4: Prevent draft

Heat escapes through windows, doors and through your loft. Combat draft by taking the below action:

  • Top up your loft insulation
  • Weather proof doors with foam strips
  • Add a draft excluder to each door, cellar and pantry
  • Add a letterbox draft excluded to each external door


Well we hope you have enjoyed this post. Check back for updates soon!